Laser scanners are currently one of the most popular measurement tools for land surveyors like Gwalia Surveyors. Land and property professionals all over the world are embracing the technology to improve their data collection and project results. Nonetheless, 3D laser scanners are more than just tools to measure large distances and accumulate accurate information on as-is conditions – the technology is also a solution to many of the difficulties that land surveyors have been facing for years. Here are some of the top benefits of getting a 3D building survey. Check out http://www.gwaliasurveyors.co.uk/ to get started.

Direct Survey with Portable Laser Device

The survey is conducted by taking the measures directly, from distances like the length and width of a room, to the distance from an edge of the room to an entrance, the height from the floor to the ceiling, and many others. The property being measured is basically divided into basic geometries, typically different rooms or areas that compose it, and that will then be measured separately and then connected to each other.

The connection between the various geometries is conducted while also making sure to identify common elements, which are generally represented by entryways or doors between the various zones. It is also equipped with the capability to measure the thickness of the walls. This kind of technique is quite useful even in obtaining overall measures that can be used to verify the phase of connection of the different areas to boost the overall precision of the boundary surveys.

Cut Field Time

Surveying a property or space can entail a significant amount of time and money, but 3D laser scanners are fast, easy to use, and precisely, thereby highly reducing the field time and helping surveyors stay within budget by avoiding rework. This lets surveyors focus more on the implications of the data rather than on the data collection itself. The speed and precision of laser scanners can also be used to design 3D models, which surveyors can then employ to showcase their solutions to their clients.

Customizable End Product

The end product of a 3D laser scan can also be customized to the individual client’s requirements. Land surveyors can create traditional 2D line drawings at one end of the scale as well as full 3D models which the creation of walk through movies through special software. They can also just give the data and information to those clients who want to model the building by themselves.

Go to http://www.huffingtonpost.com/brad-reid/fundamentals-of-land-surv_b_10928256.html for more information.


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